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Children's Birthday Parties

Kid's LOVE pizza — and our pizzas are a healthier alternative that you can feel good about serving. Host a birthday party (Anyday before 3PM) at Ripe with the help of a Ripe staff member and entertain your guests with pizza making! A Ripe kid's party includes up-to 2 hours, chef's hat to decorate, pizzas for kids and adults, unique loot bag. For larger groups consider booking our entire restaurant. Contact info@ripetomatopizza.com and/or complete form below.

Included in your party for $20 + cost of food & drinks per child

  • 2 hours with Party host
  • Helium balloons (3)
  • Birthday Child's Chef Hat

Your Name*

Choose your Pizzas

● Includes: cheese, pep, ham, pine, mush, olives (other ingredients available upon request)

● Includes juicebox and popchips or apple slices

Other Party Favours

Each loot bag includes

● Instructions on how to make a pizza with play dough

● Play dough (2 colors)

● Roller

● Bag of candies

Candy station includes 4 mason jars filled with Jelly Beans, Gummy Worms, Sour Berries, Gummy Bears