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The Best Quick Serve Neapolitan Pizza Now Available in Calgary & Edmonton

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    Sauteed Sweet Corn, Chorizo Sausage, Jalapeno, Goat Cheese with Sour Cream, Garlic Oil and fresh Basil

Enjoy Fast and Delicious Neapolitan Pizza Near You!

The taste of Italy can now be enjoyed at Ripe Tomato Pizza locations in Calgary and Edmonton - The best Neapolitan pizzerias the cities have to offer! Great Neapolitan pizza shouldn't make you wait. At Ripe Tomato Pizza, we guarantee your pizza will be ready in about five minutes from the moment you get to the counter. Choose from our menu or build your own, and watch the process unfold in our authentic Italian fornos - "wood-fired" ovens that guarantee your pizza gets delivered quickly without affecting the authentic Neapolitan pizza quality you deserve.

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Expect The Best Neapolitan Pizza Style Delivered Straight to Your Door with Skip the Dishes!

At Ripe Tomato Pizza, we take pride in transforming the traditional fast food pizza by bringing authentic Neapolitan pizza to Calgary and Edmonton without the restaurant or wait, but all the quality. Every single Ripe Tomato Pizza is topped with hand-picked ingredients to compliment the fresh dough that is made daily at each site. There's a reason people are calling Ripe Tomato Pizza the best quick-serve Neapolitan Pizza in Calgary and Edmonton.

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What Others Are Saying

"You won't find anything else this good or fresh in any food court."

- Shelley M.

"Friday night pizza from new west end Ripe Tomato. Verdict: Y-to-the-U-M. Seriously. This could become a weekly tradition."

- @happycampergirl

"Quick, fresh, delicious. Nothing like watching your pizza bubble up in the oven right in front of you."

- Ayla P.

"The best pizza ever since I left Italy, my country, 8 months ago…it brought me back home thank you."

- @gio_franz